My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead

sorry for uploading late but here it is x_x) everyone did a very great job on this one >////< thank you very very much and enjoy! ♥

cleaner + redrawer: MoMo

translator: Vampy, Caranthir, MoMo

proofreader: Light, Ariebee, Ironicca

typesetter: AerosBlack

discord | wordpress

promotional webtoon for the novel; so there’s no continuance manhwa.

here is the raw link.

discord | wordpress


26 thoughts on “My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead

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  1. Awww so cute!! >\\\\\\\< what's the corean name by the way?
    I suggest you put the original name beside the translated one, so that people (and I xD) won't keep asking for each novel's name xD

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  2. Hi! I’m thinking of making a novel pickup request on novelupdates. Can I include your link in the description?
    Also is the raw link for another novel by any chance? The image looks different.

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    1. sure! ah, yes x_x I’m so sorry. I just checked and it indeed a link for another project. I fixed the link, thanks for the information! ^^
      also, the raws aren’t free but we do have the raws for the novel. so for whoever someone interested in picking it up, it’s fine to ask us for the raws.

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  3. Why the hell is always only novel. Im dying now coz i dont like to read novel.. Please author nim quickly making this novel to be manhwa 😭. *ps sory for my bad english..

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