I’m Just a Stepmother, but My Daughter is Just so Cute!

Henlo, chopper here! Bringing you another one-chapter webtoon :3c Everyone has been so quick with their work, and that’s why we’re able to post another translation so soon. Great job, guys!

Without further ado, enjoy~

discord | wordpress

promotional webtoon for the novel; so there’s no continuation manhwa.

english translated novel link

discord | wordpress


18 thoughts on “I’m Just a Stepmother, but My Daughter is Just so Cute!

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    1. you’re very welcome! ^^

      this is the only webtoon for this series at the moment because it’s a promotional webtoon for a novel. i don’t think we’re going to translate the novel. at least, i haven’t heard of talks for translating novels, since we mostly do webtoons. if this series gets a webtoon though, i’m sure the team will gladly scanlate it, so lets all hope it happens ><

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      1. Darn I was going to say where can i find this novel and is someone translating this but this answered my Q. Boo~ hope someone translates the novel at least. Thanks for this bit of fun though~

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      2. good news! i heard someone has decided to pick up the duty of translating for this novel, so for now lets keep our eyes peeled for any more info in the future owo

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  1. Just letting you know, we, HaruPARTY picked up the novel all thanks to your promo webtoon here~~ (I hope you don’t mind that we have a link to your blog for this promo webtoon so others can check it out too)

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  2. Omg someone really translate this novel?!! So happy!! And do
    share with us the translation novel okay dear!!! Thank you so much!!


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